Staff resistant to outsourcing ?

The success of outsourcing your back office accounting processes does depend on how well your front and back office work together. We have seen situations where our business partners were comfortable with outsourcing, but the front office staff were reluctant to accept it. This puts the future of the business in jeopardy since outsourcing can only work with the full cooperation of the entire firms staff.

In one situation, cultural differences between countries were proving to be a significant barrier to outsourcing. Practice Eye resolved this arranging a meeting with professionals from our team and the staff involved at the accountancy firm. Together, we defined a bespoke, procedure-driven approach to task performance.

This result was a smooth, hassle-free operation where the partners of the accountancy firm and their staff were able to vet the agreed standard operating procedures. This way, they became confident that no assumptions would ever be made about their processes. Since all work was then completed very strictly in line with our customer's standard operating procedures, all issues that arise are resolved in-house at Practice eye and not passed on to the firm.