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Purchase to Payment

An Ideal Solution for accountants

Purchase to Payment (P2P)

Generally it has been observed that accounts payable outsourcing is tedious for small and medium business due to low volumes (compare to large companies) and feasibility of process but with us you can depend on our tested processes and experience in managing small business AP processes.

How it can work for you.

  • 1. Suppliers are informed to send invoices to one common email id thus restricting them to send paper invoices and remove logistics related issues.
  • 2.Our team access clients back office system to check actual receipts on daily basis.
  • 3.All invoices are matched for every line item as per invoice and receipts.
  • 4.Invoices are also checked for short deliveries and agreed discounts.
  • 5.Other invoices are raised in query and send to suppliers and in house team for more clarifications.
  • 6.Special attention is given to suppliers on direct debit and their reconciliations are conducted well in time.
  • 7.Suppliers are chased for resolutions of query for timely processing of invoices and avoid penalties.

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