Low Trunaround

Low turnaround is a common problem in many accountancy practices and it can affect cash flow quite adversely. Customers using outsourcing services are primarily dependent on their service provider for turnaround speed, while the ones who don't are at the mercy of the working pace of their own office staff.

The problems related to turn around are usually caused by insufficient information and are usually related to the functions of the front office. The Practice eye practice management team has extensive experience in planning the front office functions for accountancy practices and always come up with a solution very quickly

To improve turnaround, the team at Practice Eye usually recommends additional planning and the implementation of some well-chosen IT tools. This works for most customers, although there can be specific problem areas which need closer attention.

Our proposed a solution for one customer ended a long-standing issue. Now this customer receives it's entire clients' accounting information on time, resulting in faster turnaround times and much healthier cash flow.